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The Rise Of Cannabis Strains

The goodness of Cannabis is making people research it a lot more. People out there are trying to study various compounds and elements to extract the most of these miracle therapeutic plants. But there is one particular farm in rural Oregon in California, which is trying to breed different varieties of Cannabis to address various ailments. The mission of East Fork Cultivars is to develop plants with an optimal balance between CBD, THC, and other compounds to achieve better health effects.

Presently, they are focusing on cultivating three types of Cannabis Plants. The first one is the "CBD-dominant" variety, which aims to have less than 1 per cent THC and 'high' effects. The second one is the "CBD-rich" variety, which aims to have 5 per cent THC along with high levels of CBD. The third one is the "THC-dominant" variety, which, as the name suggests, will have more THC levels to help study the benefits of this compound.

Apart from the CBD and THC, East Fork Cultivators are also focusing on other cannabinoids such as Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV): believed to regulate appetite, Cannabichromene (CBC): potential compound to reduce tumour growth, and Cannabigerol (CBG): found to improve vision problems such as glaucoma and intraocular pressure.

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